at home

More looks to love are now available at a doorstep near you. Standard Style at-home is a box service with a personal touch that happens in three simple steps.

1. Sign Up

Fill out and submit this sign-up form and you will be contacted by one of our personal stylists who is ready to start working for you. Seriously.

2. Delivery 

Then with a little patience and magic, a box will arrive at your door containing pieces that your personal stylist has pulled just for you based on your style and your needs.

3. Decide

Then, in the comfort of your home, you’ve got ten days to try on and decide which pieces you’d like to keep and which pieces you plan to send back. And in the end, you’re only charged for what you keep. Also, the more you go through this process, the more your personal stylist will get to know you and your taste.

Interested? Fill out the subscription form now and bring a little more style to your front step.

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